October 23, 2022/Prayer Requests

Published on 4 November 2022 at 22:39

  1. Our Congregation

  2. Patsy & Jeffrey's church in Hardin County (East Kentucky)

  3.  Unspokens

  4. Jane S.

  5.  Linda V.

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Stephen Schumann
3 months ago

Dearest Jesus, please give my sister Jo better jobs until she can retire well with all she needs and wishes in Christ on earth and heaven and let us all obey you perfectly in your whole will always and forever for heaven, and heal my sister Jo's back problems, my brother in laws health problems and meet our financial needs and wishes so we can and are generous to our families, the poor, and all in God's will more and more in all of Christ's blessing and riches and give us all this to all of us in all the good gifts and good things of Christ only forever God we ask in the greatest faith in Christ in Christ's name amen and heal my Uncle Bob and take care of him and all our families on the earth these ways always.